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Warm & Spicy (Sri Lankan comfort)

Warm crusty country bread served with fried eggs and Coconut sambol (Pol Sambol) Dhal, Caramelised onion stir fry chicken or fish. Jam Butter & Cheese. Yoghurt.Tea or Coffee.

Soft & Fiery (Sri Lankan simple)

Soft breadfruit lightly boiled and served with freshly grated coconut and fiery ChilliSambol (LunuMiris) accompanied by a cooling leafy green porridge (Kola Kenda) to kick start your day. Fresh fruits.Tea or Coffee.

Bold & Creamy (Sri Lankan variety)

Pittu or steamed cylinders of ground rice and soft coconut served with coconut milk, jack mackerel canned fish (Salmon Curry) ChilliSambol (LunuMiris) potato stir fry (Ala theldala) and coconut milk gravy (kirihodi). Fresh fruits with yoghurt.Tea or coffee.