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Navro Beach Hotel Lunch

Navro Beach Hotel Lunch

Creamy, Fresh, Crispy

Red or white rice with bitter gourd, (ThumbaKarawila) Prawn curry (option : chicken, fish, pork, beef) Long Beans (Ma karal) Chick Pea curry, yellow ridged gourd curry, crispy fried sprats and two of our best varieties of leafy greens. Fresh fruit or Buffalo curd with treacle.

Savoury, Spicy, Crusty

Sandwiches on warm toasted country bread with a meat option, Milky Jack Curry and fiery Coconut Sambol (Pol sambol) spicy Mango curry, crispy fried Sprats and potato fries. Fresh fruit salad Or Buffalo curd with treacle.

Cool, Crunchy, Cheesy

Club Sandwich on roasted quarter bread (kaalpaan), meat option, crunchy winged bean salad, greens, tomato, cheese & manioc fries. Fruits or buffalo curd with treacle.